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Hello, I'm Kate

Passionate About Helping Others

I would like to give you some background into why I have dedicated my self to this field of work. This passion comes from my own personal journey with breathing related problems. Not that I was aware that how I breathed was having such a huge impact on my health. Most of my clients are blown away by how their breathing may be contributing to their poor health, we all breathe, but are mostly  unaware of how important it is to breathe correctly!


I moved to Australia in my 20s and thought I would get over my ill health. Having had a long history of chronic bronchitis and chest infections. I thought it would get better moving from the UK to Australia as it is so much warmer.

I was better for a while then I had a couple of bad bouts of chest infections, that required steroids puffers and antibiotics plus one hospitalisation! This resulted in 6 weeks off work and a very slow return, as I was so fatigued. After this I was getting infections almost monthly, and the antibiotics were not helping my gut and health ,but at least they were keeping me at work!

I had tried out all the old wives’ tales for easing a cough, but nothing worked and the doctors had no answers.

It's a horrible position to be in when things seem to be getting worse and worse and no one ever knows why. Or the advice is to 'just live with it'.

One day one of my staff told me she had attended a Buteyko course for her sleep apnoea and snoring and perhaps it might help with my cough, she understood my cough was very persistent as I was coughing and throat clearing all day.

I decided to book and see if it would work, what could I loose other than the cost of the course and the time taken to implement the changes. To my surprise I started to improve quickly, I had started the course with another cough and was embarrassed that I was coughing through the first 2 sessions!

By the end of 4 weeks, I had no cough and although I still needed to work on some areas especially breathing well with speech and exercise, I was so much better, full of energy, waking up without fatigue and no longer needing antibiotics.

I was so excited about my results I decided that I needed to bring this knowledge to the world, so I enrolled in the training program

Since my initial training I have spent many years exploring and learning different modalities and teaching. I have been teaching my program for 15 years and have recently added to my qualifications as a Bradcliff method educator.

My background, studies and personal healing experiences have put me in a unique position to facilitate healing from a broad range of perspectives.

I have now designed my methodologies and systems which I developed over my 15+ years using combined personal and clinical experience with breathing, and I teach these to clients both locally and globally using the Breathe Better method.

We start with a discussion about your specific situation, If the course is right for you, we organise access to the Breathe Better program. The program is  designed to provide you with the tools you need to thrive in your life. I want to empower you to cultivate the healthy you!  

This process sets you up both now and into the future, even after we finish our work together. What I also loved about it was that once you have retained you body to breathe well, you don’t have to continue with the exercise for ever (I would have struggled to commit to a life time of specific daily exercise)

It’s important to know that there is ALWAYS something we can do. There’s always hope, there’s always room for improvement and healing is always possible. Always.

Once you understand what it all means, learn to listen, and adjust the way you breathe, everything else just falls into place. This enables you to leave the worry of your health behind, so that you can instead focus on the things that matter most to you.

My work allows me to fulfil what I’m most passionate about, which is ultimately empowering people to be at their best health physically so they can thrive in their personal and professional lives.

I am 100% committed to helping you overcome your breathing related issues and I’ve designed my business specifically to do that.

If you share that commitment and are ready to leave your cough behind you, I’d love to help you do that.

To learn more or get in touch, book in a free Breathe better connection call and we will get to know each other, where you’re at, the results you’re looking for, and whether the work I do is a good fit to help you get there.

Fun Facts

  • I love gardening!

  • I have 8 alpacas and 2 crazy dogs

  • Tea lover!


  • I'm a Buteyko Educator

  • I'm a Bradcliff Method Educator

  • I'm trained in the Breathability Method

  • Over 30 years of Respiritory Treatment & Education

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