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Breathe Better ~ Feel Better

How we breathe is fundamental to our health and only a small change may have far reaching effects on your health

Are you struggling with a cough or throat clearing that won’t go away?

Do you get embarrassed when you go out due to your cough?

Have you found you are more anxious that normal or just exhausted all the time?

You may have tried all the normal medical advice and you are still struggling.

If this is you it may be your breathing that is affecting you & I'm here to help!

You may be totally unaware that how you breathe can have an effect on your health, this is often what has been missing in your journey to becoming cough free and healthy again.


Hi, I'm Kate

I am passionate about changing the understanding of breathing. I’m dedicated to helping you overcome your breathing issues so that you can live your life to the fullest. With over 25 years’ experience in the field of breathing dysfunction, breathing pattern disorders and hyperventilation syndrome.

Whether you are struggling with persistent coughing, throat clearing, asthma or a chronic chest condition I am here to help

I also see people with nasal issues, anxiety and snoring, all of these issues may have a relationship to the way you breathe, it is not obvious and can be quite subtle, but how you breathe is the cornerstone to health and well being.


Learn to conqure your cough


"As a breathing coach and mentor my mission is to enlighten the world that breathing is the cornerstone to our health and wellbeing ,by building a community of people conscious of the secret power of the breath, who desire to rejuvenate their health, creating limitless possibilities for themselves and the world" - Kate Milne

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